Secondary Aluminum Refractory for the United Kingdom (UK)

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Production of Secondary Aluminum Refractory

As the secondary aluminum industry continues to grow Resco understands the importance of high-quality refractory products. Secondary aluminum, also known as recycled aluminum, is already 92% more energy-efficient than primary aluminum. Resco products assist companies in increasing heats and campaigns by improving melting furnaces efficiencies with durable and resistant products. Resco understands the importance of less downtime and a faster start up with their line of QUIKTURN (A) and RESCOBOND (A) products that are designed specifically for the aluminum industry.

Refractory Material for Melting and Holding Furnaces

The process of aluminum melting can be taxing on the furnace lining. The right refractory linings take into consideration the chemical and mechanical stresses of the furnace and provide solutions such as thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal shock, and more. Resco's wide range of brick and castable refractory products will provide the necessary properties needed for your furnace along with a range of installation options to fulfill the any job requirements.

Our full portfolio is designed for severe conditions at extremely high temperatures to well insulating back-up products that can also withstand the rigors of the aluminum furnaces. Resco offers top of the line products for the Hearth and Lower Side Walls of the most difficult furnaces to combat the abrasion and mechanical wear while also providing superior aluminum resistance. The Upper Side Walls and Roofs of the furnace encounter different conditions such as alkali attack and thermal shock; and while they may not be as taxing on the refractory can be a problem area requiring longer or more frequent downtime if the appropriate refractory is not implemented.  

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