Refractory Storage Policy for Monolithics
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Effective Date: Mar. 16th, 2020

General Guidelines for Ideal Refractory Storage Conditions


  1. Refractory monolithics (dry castables and gun mixes, basic castables and gun mixes, plastics, wet and dry mortars, liquid seals, precast shapes) should be stored in a dry, covered, weather-protected location, such as a permanent warehouse, and placed on a concrete slab, asphalt pad, or other impermeable surfaces. The product should be stored on the original pallets (with stretch wrap or original packaging intact, when applicable) but elevated from the surface to allow air circulation. Care should be taken to avoid high humidity locations where moisture can collect under the plastic pallet wrapping.
  2. Refractory monolithics should NOT be stored on grass, soil, or other non-compacted surface or any area where moisture can collect, stand, or come in contact with the refractory or refractory packaging.
  3. Refractory bags or containers showing evidence of damage, or being previously opened, should not be used and should be discarded. Bags containing dry refractory that is agglomerated, containing hard lumps, or have evidence of water stains should not be used and should be discarded. Hard lumps indicate that the dry refractory has come into contact and reacted with water.
  4. The ideal air and material temperature range during storage is 50°F (10°C) to 80°F (27°C) for all refractory monolithic products.

Guidelines for DRY Monolithic Refractories

(Dry Castables and Gun mixes, Basic Castables and Gun Mixes, Dry Mortars)

  1. Dry monolithic products should be stored in unopened bags or containers and on the original shipping pallets. Bags or containers showing evidence of damage or being previously opened should NOT be used and should be discarded. Bags containing dry refractory that is agglomerated, containing hard lumps, or that have evidence of water stains should NOT be used and should be discarded. Hard lumps in the bag indicate that the dry monolithic refractory has come into contact with moisture.
  2. If exposed to freezing temperatures during storage, dry monolithic products should be heated to a temperature between 50°F (10°C) and 80°F (27°C) prior to installation for best results. Measure material temperature for best results. An immersion thermometer is a good method to measure the refractory monolithic temperature.
  3. In hot weather conditions, dry monolithic products should be placed in shady, cool areas; out of direct sunlight. Measure material temperature for best results. Refrigerated truck vans have been successfully used to cool dry monolithics to within the ideal temperature range prior to installation.

Guidelines for WET Mortars and Plastics

(Air Setting, Phosphate Bonded)

  1. Wet mortars and plastics can be affected by storage temperatures more than that of dry monolithic products and should be stored at temperatures between 40°F (4°C) and 80°F (27°C) to minimize premature hardening of the product. Long-term storage at hot temperatures can, prematurely, accelerate the wet product’s dryout, setting, and, subsequently, hardening.
  2. Do not store wet mortars and plastics close to high heat sources, such as operating furnaces.
  3. In cold / freezing air temperatures, wet mortars and plastics should be stored in a heated area prior to use. Winterized wet mortars should be considered for winter conditions. Winterized wet mortars have depressed freezing points but can still freeze if the air temperatures become very low.
  4. For wet mortars, some product separation and settling might occur during long-term storage. Evidence of this separation and settling would be a thin liquid layer on the top of the mortar when the container is first opened. If this liquid layer is noticed, mix the liquid back into the mortar prior to use. The preferred method for mixing is a “paint-type” mixer attached to a power drill.

Guidelines for Liquid Coatings and Seals

(Air Setting, Phosphate Bonded)

  1. The preferred method for storing liquid coating and seals is in air temperatures ranging from 40°F (4°C) TO 80°F (27°C) in the original packaging.
  2. Liquid coating and seals can be negatively affected by cold storage temperatures. In cold or freezing air temperature, liquid coatings and seals should be stored in a heated area prior to use. Winterized versions of liquid coating and seals, with lower freezing points, are available but can still freeze if air temperatures are extremely cold. If regular liquid coatings or seals are exposed to freezing temperatures during storage, a gel phase might develop. The liquid product can be reconstituted if the liquid is thawed and vigorously mixed.
  3. In hot weather conditions, liquid coatings and seals should be stored in cool, shaded areas prior to use. Hot air temperatures can promote dehydration and a surface “skin” might form.
  4. Liquid coatings and seals should be stirred prior to use, especially if the product has been in storage for a period of time.

Guidelines for Precast Shapes

(Cement Bonded; Dried)

  1. The preferred method for storing precast shapes is in a dry, covered, weather-protected location such as a permanent warehouse in minimum air temperatures of 40°F (4°C) on the original packaging.
  2. Refractory precast shapes should NOT be stored on grass, soil, or other non-compacted 

Best Practices for Storing RESCO Monolithics

Dense Castables & Gun Mixes

Dense Castables & Gun MixesSuggested Shelf Life Dense Castables & Gun MixesSuggested Shelf Life
All EZ Cubed Castables12 Months QUIKTURN 45PC, 60, 60PC, 60SF12 Months
All EZ Cast Castables12 Months QUIKTURN 32-70, 32-70PC12 Months
   QUIKTURN 45PCA, 65PCA12 Months
Furnacon 70, 9512 Months QUIKTURN 45G, 60G12 Months
Furnacubed 40, 65, 7012 Months QUIKTURN 30SC PC12 Months
Furnacubed 70QT, 85QT12 Months QUIKTURN 56SCPC, 56SCG 12 Months
Furnacubed R-Max 12 Months QUIKTURN AZS PC, AZS G12 Months
Furnacubed12 Months QUIKTURN FS PC12 Months
HI Strength 25, 26LI, 28LI12 Months R-Max C, SF, PC, PC QT12 Months
   R-Max 85, 85Z12 Months
HM 28 LI, HM 28LIF, 28LICO12 Months R-Max MP12 Months
HM70, 70DS12 Months R-Max AZS PC QT12 Months
   R-Max ZG, Z PC QT12 Months
Kricon 28, 30, 32, 32-70, 3412 Months Rescogun 60DB12 Months
Ladleline 12 Months Rescocast 15, 15GM, 15HT12 Months
   Rescocast 1712 Months
Mono Gun 9012 Months Rescocast 17AC, 17ACS 12 Months
   Rescocast 17AG gun mix12 Months
Pacocast 24T12 Months Rescocast 17AC, 17ACS12 Months
   All Unicrete Castables12 Months
Pacocast 28LI, 28LI-CG12 Months   
   Vibrocast 2800, 300012 Months
Permacon 9512 Months Vibrocast 50, 50PC12 Months
   Vibrocast 60, 60PC12 Months
Progun 26LI, 28LI, 3012 Months Vibrocast 70M, 7512 Months
Progun LC Gun Mixes12 Months Vibrocast EZ80, 85ULM 12 Months
   Vibrocast 7LT PC12 Months
Procast 8012 Months Vibrocast ASC 8LTC12 Months
   Vibrocast ASC 8LT CC12 Months
Purotab, Purotab Course12 Months Vibrocast 56SC, 80SC12 Months
   Vibrocast FS612 Months
Purocast N 12 Months   
Pyrocast 3000C, ARC 12 Months   
Pyrocast FPM12 Months   


Insulating Castables & Gun Mixes

Insulating Castables & Gun MixesSuggested Shelf LIfe  Insulating Castables & Gun Mixes Suggested Shelf Life 
 Rescocast 3-20R12 Months  QuikLite 3-35P, 3-35PC 12 Months 
 Rescocast 3-35, 3-35P12 Months  QuikLite 3-DS 12 Months 
 Rescocast 3-35PC12 Months    
   QuikLite 3A-DS, 3E-DS 12 Months 
 Rescocast 3B12 Months    
   QuikLite 3PC 12 Months 
 Rescocast 3, 3A, 3E, 3PC12 Months    
   QuikLIte 4LI 12 Months 
 Rescocast 4LI12 Months    
   QuikLite 6, 6PC 12 Months 
 Rescocast 6,6PC12 Months    
   QuikLite 7-DS, 8-DS, 8PC 12 Months 
 Rescocast 712 Months    
   QuikLite 9LI-DS 12 Months 
 Rescocast 8, 8PC12 Months    
   QuikLite 30 12 Months 
 Rescocast 9, 9LI, 9LIPC12 Months    
 PuroLite 3012 Months    
 LHV-12412 Months    
 RS-3005-NS Castable12 Months    
 KC Mix Castable12 Months    
 Castable #1612 Months    
Inductocast 3012 Months   
RescoLite 23-50LI12 Months   
RescoLite 24-60, 24-75 12 Months   
RescoLite 28-95PC12 Months   


HPI Specific Castables & Gun Mixes

HPI Specific Castables & Gun MixesSuggest Shelf Life  Rescobond Castables & Gun Mixes Suggested Shelf Life 
 Rescocast 17EC9 Months  Rescobond 3000, 3000G 12 Months 
 Rescocast 17EG12 Months Rescobond 3000A, 3000AG 12 Months 
 Rescocast 17EMG, 17EMC9 Months  Rescobond 70, 70AG 12 Months 
 Rescocast 17EPC9 Months    
   Rescobond 90, 90A, 90AG 12 Months 
 Rescocast 110C9 Months    
 Rescocast 110G9 Months   Rescobond 17G, 17HP12 Months 
 Rescocast 110EZ9 MOnths    
   Rescobond AA22 Brush Mix 12 Months 
 Rescocast 88VC9 Months    
 Rescobond AA-2218 Months    
 R-Max MP 12 Months    
 Sureflow 17E, 17EM6 Months    
 Sureflow 1106 Months    
 Sureflow 17A6 Months    
 Sureflow 886 Months    
 Sureflow FS-6LC6 Months    



 Liquid Binders Shotcrete ActivatorsSuggest Shelf Life 
 EZ Add Liquid Binder *12 Months 
 Resco SC-1 Activator*12 Months 

(*) = When transported and/or stored, the product should not be exposed to freezing temperatures

 Extruded Plastics (Phosphate Bonded, Air Setting) Suggested Shelf Life
 Coreline6 Months 
 Corpatch 50MS4 Months 
 Corpatch 80, 80MS6 Months 
Resco LR6 Months 
 Ref Patch 850FG, X-133 Months 
 Ref Ram 850HS-FG, 850LS3 Months 
 Ref Ram 877F, 870FG-M3 Months 
 Rescoram 60, 70 Blue, 70, 85, 85S, 903 Months 
 RescoRam 7CR, 10CR, 20CR3 Months
 Rescoram 70SC3 Months 
 Rescoram A45HC, A60, A80, A903 Months 
 Resco Tappers Clay3 Months 

 Liquids / SealType Suggested Shelf Life 
 Pot Coat, Poat Coat A/SLiquid 2 Months 
 Slurry Coat, Slurry Coat ALiquid 2 Months 
 Jamb Coat P 99Liquid 12 Months 
 Jamb Coat P DryDry Powder 12 Months 
 Jamb Coat PC DryDry Powder 12 Months 
 Jamb Coat PCE DryDry Powder 12 Months 
 Jamb Coat FS PB DryDry Powder 12 Months 
 Door SealLiquid 2 Months 
 Lid Seal, Lid Seal EGLiquid 2 Months 
 Rescocoat GLiquid 2 Months 

 Dry VibratablesSuggest Shelf Life 
 R-50-DV12 Months 
 R-60-DV12 Months 
 R-70-DV12 Months 
 R-85-DV12 Months 
 R-85-DV Extra Sintering12 Months 


Basic Castables, Ram Mixes, & Gun Mixes

Basic Castables, Ram Mixes & Gun MixesSuggested Shelf Life  Dry Basic Mortars Suggested Shelf Life 
 CP-40 Castable 6 Months  DOL-Mortar-D Dolomite  6 Months 
   DOL-Mortar-T Dolomite 6 Months 
 DOL-Mix-R+ Dolomite Ram4 Months    
 DOL-Mix-R50+ Dolomite Ram4 Months  GRFG Mortar  6 Months 
 DOL-Mix-BL Dolomite Ram4 Months    
 DOL-MIX-P Dolomite 4 Months  Larcobond 6 Months 
   Larcobond AS6 Months 
 Permacast FG-GM / DS6 Months    
 Permacast FG / FG-HS6 Months  Permanente Mortar 9 Months 
 Permacast FG Ram-Cast6 Months    
   Rescoset Chrome Mortar 6 Months 
 Permagun S-II Gun Mix6 Months    
 Permanente 165 AF Ram Cast 6 Months    
 Permanente 165 AF6 Months    
 Permanente 165 AF Ram Cast 6 Months    
 Permanente 98AF6 Months    
 Rescomag FG PC Pumpable6 Months    
 Rescomag 90PC Pumpable 6 Months    
 Rescomag Mix12 Months    
 Denspak Ram Mix3 Months    
 Denspak O Ram Mix3 Months    


Alumina-Silica Mortars (Wet & Dry)

 Alumina-Silica Mortars (Wet & Dry)Description Suggested Shelf Life 
 Adaphos 85Wet, Phos-Bonded3 Months 
 Adacor 70, 80 TrowelWet, Air Setting 3 Months
 Adamant X Wet, Air Setting 3 Months
 Adamant Air Set (Dry)Dry, Air Setting 9 Months 
 Super AdamantWet, Air Setting 3 Months 
 AlutabDry, Air Setting 3 Months 
 Fifty Fifty MortarDry, Heat-Setting 18 Months 
 Ladlelock 3000 MortarsWet, Air Setting 4 Months 
 Ladlelock 50S, 70, 80, 85 MortarsWet, Air Setting 4 Months 
 Ladlelock 85PB, 90PB, 90PBP MortarsWet, Phos-Bonded 4 Months 
 Lo Set MortarDry, Air Setting  6 Months 
 Metaldam MortarDry, Heat Setting 18 Months 
 Rescoset 10CR MortarWet, Phos-Bonded 3 Months 
 Rescoset 50M, MD, 3000 MortarsWet, Air Setting 3 Months 
 Rescoset 90P, 80P MortarsWet, Phos-Bonded 3 Months 
 Spray Mix S-506Wet, Air Setting 3 Months 
 ST-001 Patch MixWet, Air Setting 4 Months 
 Super Grout 85Wet, Air Setting 4 Months 
 Seal Tite GroutWet, Air Setting 4 Months 
 Ref Bond Spray MixWet, Phosphate Bonded 3 Months 
 Ref Bond Spray Mix StiffWet, Phosphate Bonded  3 Months 
 Troweleze MortarWet, Air Setting 3 Months 
 Paco Firebrick MortarDry, Heat-Setting 18 Months 
Paco Firebrick Mortar #1Dry, Heat-Setting 18 Months
 Paco SD Laying MixDry, Air Setting6 Months
Paco Coating MixDry, Air-Setting 6 Months


Basic Castables - Ram Mixes


 Basic Castables - Ram MixesSuggest Life 
 CP-40 Castable6 Months 
 Dol-Mix-R+ Dolomite Ram Mix4 Months 
 Dol-Mix-R50+ Dolomite Ram Mix4 Months 
 Dol-Mix-BL Dolomite Ram Mix4 Months 
 Dol-Mix-P Dolomite Ram Mix4 Months 
 Permacast FG-GM / DS Gun Mixes6 Months 
 Permacast FG / FG-HS Castables6 Months 
 Permacast FG Ram-Cast6 Months
 Permagun S-II Gun Mix6 Months 
 Permagun 165 AF Gun Mix6 Months 
 Permanente 165 AF Castable6 Months 
 Permanente 165 AF Ram Cast6 Months 
 Permanente 98AF6 Months 
 Rescomag FG PC Pumpable 6 Months 
 Rescomag 90PC Pumpable 6 Months 
 Rescomag Mix12 Months 
 Denspak Ram Mix3 Months 
 Denspak O Ram Mix3 Months