Types of Refractory Brick

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Resco Products, a refractory brick manufacturer produces a variety of refractory brick for all industries and applications. Finding the right level of porosity, cold crushing strength, resistance, and other factors is essential for selecting the correct product.

Resco Products has a wide range of refractory brick available.  Select one of the four refractory brick chemistries.

  1. Alumina Brick Refractory Products
  2. Dolomite Brick Refractory Products
  3. Insulating Fire Brick Refractory Products
  4. Magnesia Brick Refractory Products 

Our most popular dolomite burned brick for the Iron & Steel industry is KD65-DOL. It is a high purity sintered dolomite, blended with magnesite. Then it is pressed and fired at high-temperature creating a strong ceramically bonded brick. KD65-DOL is a premium quality refractory brick.

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Rescal 70D is one of our most popular High Alumina Brick used for multiple industries. Rescal 70D is also utilized due to its high purity alumina, bauxite, and/or mullite calcines. Additionally, Seneca 60P a Burned High Alumina Brick is primarily used within kilns. Resco Products provides insulating fire brick that withstands heat from 2000°F to 3200°F with our LW product line.